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All Natural

We offer all natural herbal tea blended with herb blossoms and botanicals.


Welcome to Dat's Tea

 Growing up in South Louisiana you’ll come to realize that the older folks had a remedy for just about everything. Who ever knew that with all these swamps and bayou’s we’d have such precious jewels amongst us. We believe that GOD has created trees and plants here on earth to heal whatever illnesses we may have. We are very pleased with the results from the herbs that we have found. While we only use a few we concentrate on assisting you with a happier, healthier and a more productive lifestyle by using our all natural products with little to no side effects.
Our vision is to see others look to natural products first, especially for daily care. 

Tea Pot


We hope you find our products helpful in assisting you with a healthy lifestyle. Our products are created from natural herbs to assist you with your daily needs. From cold and flu to liver and kidney health or just a daily immune booster, here at  Dat’s Tea  you’ll find what you need!

Herbal Tea
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