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I can honestly say that the Swamp Brew has helped me make it through some of my toughest days. At first I was skeptical of mangler tea because of the bitter taste that many folks said it has but the brew that I tasted from Dat’s Tea is amazingly good and worth every cent! I was actually surprised at how fast my recovery was and I was able to get back to work sooner than I expected. I’ll definitely continue use of this product and I consider it to any one that needs an immune boost to keep you going.

5 star rating

- Shane S, Louisiana 

Im a mother of 3 which 2 are babies and when they're sick it's not much that works for them. Thank God for Cher Bae Bae which is all natural and does the trick. My girls love it so so much and enjoy taking it and it also makes them feel really good in no time. Thanks Dat's Tea for using the herbs that God has put here and for the reason He did.

5 star rating

- Tedra F, Louisiana 

The Bayou Plumber Detox Tea that I purchased worked right away, leaving me cleansed just the way it said it would. Anytime I feel bloated are just need a good cleanse I just drink me some good old Bayou Plumber!

5 star rating

- Semajri S, Louisiana 

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